Original Fibre Art, Telling Your Story

For Something Unique on Your Wall

I hope you will love the pieces you have seen, but maybe you would like something a little different.

Perhaps you want to remember a special time and place or would like a unique gift to celebrate a cherished memory.

Bring your memories to vibrant, textual life with an original artwork – remembering an engagement or honeymoon, birthday or memory. Let me help.

I can work from your photographs or research your chosen spot, while working with your interior style to create a piece which enhances your home.

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This list includes guide sizes, but I can work to create a piece of any size or shape up to 90cm. The price of your work will vary by complexity – detailed images, whether animals or intricate views, take more time to make. (All prices are for unframed, mounted pieces.)

I would love to hear what you are looking for – contact me Here

Guide Prices
  • A5 Simple    £69
  • A5 Complex   £85
  • A4 Simple   £185
  • A4 Complex   £225
  • A3 Simple    £375
  • A3 Complex   £450