Stunning Landscapes and Beautiful Moments in Vibrant Textile Art

Fibre Art to Brighten Your Day and Your Wall

Taking inspiration from nature, creating images I hope you’ll love.

Drawing and painting from an early age, I have explored many opportunities and styles to create my art. It wasn’t until 2015 that I started using fibre in my work and discovered the perfect medium with which to translate so much of the world around me.

I’m Ushma Sargeant, Fibre Artist - Inspired by Landscapes

My home is on the Ridgeway National Trail where Wiltshire and Oxfordshire meet, a landscape which I find constantly inspiring. While I have explored many artistic styles and media over the years, I have found textile art - particularly working with fibres - best reflects the vibrant landscapes in which I live.

Looking over the hills and downs of Wiltshire I can see for miles and am continually inspired by the changeability of the views - the way the light can change in minutes altering the view completely. When standing in one spot with a camera, you might take a dozen pictures in ten minutes to find they all look like different scenes.

The changing seasons are also fascinating, with seasonal flowering bringing dramatic colours into the landscape. In a place with such a long history, where the essence of the view has remained the same for centuries, this changeability is an intriguing contrast.

Along the Ridgeway, this beautiful countryside is home to Avebury and Uffington – Standing Stones and White Horses, and alongside these natural and manmade landscapes are exquisite flora and wildlife. This place inspires many who live here as well as those who come to visit; it certainly inspires me, and I hope it will move you.

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Or a Landscape Artist - Inspired by Fibre

When I started using fibre in my work, I discovered a media which could create movement and life more effectively than paint. When ‘painting’ landscape views in fibre - capturing the light, shadows, depth, and texture is almost done for me by the fibre.

I continue to love exploring new techniques - creating different effects using a variety of fibres to see what they will bring to a piece. I work with wool, silk, camel, alpaca, llama, angora, flax, seaweed, bamboo, and acrylic; always looking for the right fibre and texture for a detail and enjoying the challenge of learning new techniques.

The shapes and energy achieved with these fibres reflect the natural world in a way which is quite unique; a way which I hope you will enjoy as much as I do.

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Inspired by You

While much of my work is inspired by the areas I walk around my home, you will see that I am also inspired by animals I encounter, places I have explored, and - of course - the work of others.

And working with fibre allows me to bring different creative elements to a project, whether exploring new ways to define shadows, maybe reflecting a more abstract view of a local scene or interpreting my favourite works by other artists. The variety, colour – and shimmer – of these textiles means each piece is unique and tells its own story.

Stories are also inspiring, the stories of those around me – moving stories of memorable places might inspire a new piece, possibly even a commission. And the individuality of my work is certainly one reason why people choose to commission artwork from me. A fibre piece which commemorates a time and place is something which can’t be replicated.

As a special gift, original art is hard to beat.

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